Does My Child Need OT?

Occupational Therapy involves the therapeutic use of purposeful work, self-care and play activities to improve the child’s sensory, physical, academic, social and emotional abilities.

The outcome of treatment provide by Superkids OT varies depending on the individual child, however, benefits may include:

Greater independence in age appropriate tasks, such as washing or dressing, feeding, or toileting;

Improved fine motor skills particularly in relation to functional tasks such as handwriting, using a knife or fork, use of scissors, tying shoelaces and complete fastenings such as zippers and buttons;

Improved handwriting through intervention such as letter formation, organisation of work, pencil grasp and control and legibility;

School readiness with the development of turn taking, social skills, pencil grasp, pre- handwriting skills and following multiple step instruction;

Improved visual perception skills in relation to handwriting & other functional tasks;

Improved motor skills and co-ordination where there are concerns about general co-ordination in relation to function such as learning to ride a bike, engaging in sporting activities and sitting posture in the classroom;

Anxiety management enhancing the child’s psychological and emotional well-being;

For older children, greater independence in more complex activities such as homework planning or money management; and

Widening the range of meaningful activities your child is able to engage with enhanced quality of life and self esteem.

Greater social participation and play skills based on skill and developmental level and focus on turn taking, empathising with others, developing ability to accept not winning, negotiating with others and building relationships and play skills;