“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou

“Erika is like a mother bird that takes all the children (and their parents) into her nest and under her wing. Superkids OT is a beautiful, safe and nurturing environment for all kids to learn how to spread their wings in their own unique way.“


“My daughter Emily had the pleasure of seeing Erika and participating in the Turnaround program to overcome some of her fears and anxieties. She is now so much more confident and doesn’t “sweat the small stuff”. The sessions were relaxing and rewarding. Erika definitely goes over and above for her Superkids, and has a way of making everyone feel special.”


“We’ve seen many OT’s who go about their everyday job, however for Erika, it’s more than a job, it’s her passion, it’s her love and it shows. My son responds really well to Erika and she gets him to ‘work’ in such a positive and exciting environment. He loves going to Superkids and more then anything, loves seeing Erika.”

Caleb and Suzanne Turpie

“For several years I had been searching unsuccessfully for someone to actually listen and take on board the information I provided them with to help me to meet the needs of my child. Until I met Erika Stevenson from Super Kids OT I was feeling that the support I was seeking was perhaps not available in the Port Macquarie region.

From the very first session Erika has proven to be a massive resource. She has provided my child and I with the tools and resources we needed to get on top of my child’s educational, health and behavioural needs. The improvement in every area after just one term has been profound.

I could not recommend Erika more highly to any parent looking to make positive changes for their child. THANK YOU Erika for your professional and human response to the needs of my family.”

Sharon Randall

“My daughter Sophie Charley has been seeing the amazing Erika Stevenson since mid 2015.

Erika has accomplished absolute wonders for Sophie and she has been able to achieve what I was worried t were unreachable aspirations.

Thanks to Erika and her therapy Sophie can now tie up her own shoe laces, is in the process of riding a bike and has accomplished many other life changing goals such as sleeping in her own bed.

Not only has Erika helped Sophie physically but she has also worked her magic with Sophie’s self –esteem, mental well-being and self-confidence.

Sophie adores going to see Erika and she considers it to be more like a special treat than an actual treatment.

Sophie and I are forever grateful to Erika and everything that she has done to help Sophie and our family. It is an underestimation to say that Erika goes above a beyond…. she goes much further.”

Bindy & Sophie Charley

“My youngest munchkin has just started Superkids OT with Erika. What can I say….. From the first point of contact it has been such a positive experience not only for Cynthia but myself. Over the years Cynthia has had to see numerous specialists and Erika has been by far our favourite! With such a friendly and caring person to a beautifully presented centre where Cynthia loves to interact and when time comes to finish our session she doesn’t want to leave! When leaving though every time Erika will say see you darling and Cynthia’s response is see you soon darling. Thank you Erika for creating such a warm experience for both of us. We look forward to coming again.”

Kristy Sprague

“We came to Erika for some assistance in helping my Daughter with some Behavioural and Anxiety issues she was having. Erika was a god send. She listened to EVERYONE, took on our problems and helped put us in a different direction, even down to what we now eat. Erika has an amazing ability to tap into your children’s needs and to help them in a very caring and compassionate way. She also has an amazing collection of wonderful teas which can be enjoyed, slowly and quietly while your child is in session.”

“Thank you Erika for helping me to understand my fears and problems.”

Miss K

“My daughter was going through an absolutely terrible time. I tried desperately to organise an urgent and most definitely needed appointment with a psychiatrist. I was getting nowhere fast. I didn’t know who to turn to. Thankfully I ran into Erika in her free time one day and was talking to her about my predicament. And without a single delay Erika was on the case. My daughter was not a patient of Erika’s at that stage. But that did not stop her, she took my daughter under her wing and provided her with the guidance, support and referral she mostly desperately needed.”