About Superkids OT

“You were made for the place where your passion meets compassion because there lies your real purpose”.

Erika Stevenson is the Principal Occupational Therapist and Proprietor of Superkids OT – an holistic paediatric occupational therapy centre.

At Superkids OT we seek to empower children to reach their full potential at each stage of development and to celebrate their unique strengths. We work in an integrative nature with families and carer’s through purposeful activity and play to help children maximise their abilities, independence and quality of life.

Treatment is engaging, motivating and of course full of fun and rewarding experiences.  A child engages daily in a variety of activities that require essential skills to complete them. These skills include fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, visual perception, motor coordination and others.

S3_OT-013Superkids OT can help evaluate a child’s skills for activities, school performance and everyday living tasks.  As well as improving a child’s physical performance, an occupational therapist can address social, psychological, and environmental factors involved with the child to help them become more independent.  Occupational therapy may also include making changes to the child’s environment such as their school or home.